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Options and Pricing

Website and Hosting Options
website design
domain name registration and renewal (optional)
hosting (optional)
Thread Media uses a powerful, secure and reliable Unix server
updates as often as needed
email questions or inquiries

Web Design
Creating your website:
  • Home page, $200
  • Additional pages are usually $10-200 each, depending on the size, the number of images per page, and the complexity
  • If you have a budget, please let us know so we can work within it
  • Quotes available on request
  • Custom made design that suits your style and theme
  • A website that is easy to navigate and intuitive
  • Key words written into the HTML code of the main page to help the public to find your website in different search engines
  • Check your website in different browsers for inconsistencies on both Macs and PCs
  • Copyright information placed at the bottom of every page, or as requested
  • Charges include creating or redesigning page/s and all design work until approval.  Design, tweaking and Q/A are included.

Maintenance, redesign and updating:

  • Hourly rate for updating with design changes, $75
  • Quotes available on request
Maintenance and updating may be done at any time. When you have information or images you want added, changed or removed, let us know. Updates are done quickly.

Domain Name Registration (optional)
name registration: $14 per year

Hosting (optional)
with your domain name
Individual Website $15 per month
Small Business Website $20 per month
Non-profit Website $20 per month
Business Website $25 per month
Political Website please email inquiry

Payment by check and credit cards accepted.

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