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Why Use Thread Media ®?
Custom tailored design and redesign that reflects your needs
Ease of use and navigation
Fully functional and accessible website
Pages that load quickly
Designed to work well and look good in all most common browsers
Attractive designs that are easy to read
Reasonable pricing and good value
Will work within your budget
Attentive and friendly service

Who is Thread Media ®?
Jeanne Williamson Ostroff, the web designer, specializes in custom-designed sites for individuals and smaller organizations. 

She has been working as a Web Designer since 2000. Her design experience includes working as a Computer Type Designer and Color Designer at Interleaf, in Cambridge and Waltham MA from 1986-1990, Computer Software Artist at Intentional Educations, in Watertown MA from 1984-1986, and as a Computer Graphics Artist at Knoware Inc, in Cambridge MA in 1984.

She is also a mixed media artist who exhibits her work in galleries and museums all over the United States, as well as having her work published in many books and magazines. She is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) and has a Masterís Degree in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art. 

Getting Started
If you are thinking of having a website now or in the future, you should consider registering your preferred domain name (and similar names) ASAP so they are available when you need them. This prevents anyone else from registering your preferred names first. We can help you learn what appropriate names are available.  You can easily check available domain names yourself at and, among many others, but we encourage you to let us register the domain name to save both time and expense.
If you already have a website, and would like it redesigned, we can help you.
Keep track of websites you like or don't like, so you can use them as a guide as you decide what you do and do not want on your own website.
If you are going to have artwork or photos on your site, you will need images saved as digital files. or we can scan them for you.
Whether or not you decide to use Thread Media™ for web design or hosting services, we hope this information is helpful.
Email comments or inquiries.
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